Here is a latest info from the  Augusta Police on a shooting that happened in the evening hours Monday at Walmart in Augusta.

Here is an update from the Augusta Police from the afternoon of November 7, 2017 in regards to the incident:

"Investigators cause to believe 31 year old Robert Potter of Augusta was a patron at Wal-Mart when he became engaged in a verbal confrontation with another customer.  At one point during the argument Mr. Potter brandished a firearm pointing it at the other customer.  The customer attempted to defend himself by disarming Mr. Potter at which time one round discharged from the firearm.  Augusta Police arrived shortly after taking  Mr. Potter into custody.

While this incident was unfolding another female customer was entering Wal-Mart and witnessed the altercation before running back to her vehicle.  The female suffered a medical event while inside her vehicle where officers immediately responded to provide emergency medical attention before Augusta Fire/Rescue arrived on scene.  Unfortunately this individual passed away. There is no evidence to suggest that the deceased was associated with the situation inside of Wal-Mart or that she was anything other than a witness to this confrontation.

There were no injuries caused as a result of this armed confrontation involving Mr. Potter.  Mr. Potter was transported to Maine General Medical Center and remains hospitalized at an undisclosed location for medical treatment.  Mr. Potter has been charged with Criminal Threating with a Dangerous Weapon which is a Class C felony."


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