Contrary to reports that the Rolling Stones '50 And Counting' Tour is struggling to sell tickets, the tour's promoter says the tour is doing just fine, thank you very much. In a new interview, John Meglen, co-president of AEG Live subsidiary Concerts West, disputes those claims

"It's unfortunate in our business that everybody wants to be cynics," he tells Billboard. "The fact is, the tour is doing great and we have no problems whatsoever."

Meglen clarifies that tickets are not being discounted as has been reported by multiple sources so far. Instead, he says that the ticket price adjustments done to the Stones show in Los Angeles and elsewhere reflect a "flex pricing" strategy aimed at keeping Stones tickets out of the hands of ticket brokers.

He also says that, over the course of the Stones four shows in Los Angeles, more than 20,000 tickets at the $600 price range were sold.

"Did we hit a point where we ran out of people that would buy at $600? Yeah. But why can't we do the 'market value’ thing? Why do we have to let the market value proposition live with the scalpers? Why should, in my estimation, $3 million go to the brokers, instead of the artists, in every one of these markets?"

Meglen says another strategic move made by the Stones and AEG was making 1,000 paperless tickets per L.A. show available via the Stones' website and the group's social media sites. At $85 per paperless ticket, Meglen sets the record straight that there are no major ticket discounts happening to beef up the bottom line.

"There are no $600 tickets turning into $85 tickets, I can assure you of that," he says.

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