Troy Allan Nelson, 33, and Ryan Patrick Morris, 28, were arrested recently in Great Falls Montana. According to My9NJ.comthe men claimed to be former military personnel with Nelson going as far to say that he's suffering from PTSD after 7 tours overseas. But here's the thing, neither one of them ever were in the military.

Judge Pinski, who oversaw their case was livid when he found out about their lies and gave out very justified punishments for the 2 men before they can even be eligible for parole.

-They must hand write the names of all 6,756 men and women killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

-Write obituaries for the men and women killed from Montana.

-They must send apology letters to American Legion, AmVets, Disabled American Veterans, the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Vietnam Veterans of America.

-Both men must stand for eight hours at the Montana Veterans Memorial on Memorial Day and Veterans Day on each year of their suspended sentences.

-Finally, the men will have to wear a sign that states: “I am a liar. I am not a veteran. I stole valor. I dishonored all veterans.”

Kudos to this judge for this decision. I am 100% in support of this.

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