The Pooh-Paddington War will continue into perpetuity, as the public rages over which accident-prone storytime bear is the cuter and more lovable character. But the Paddington side just got a strong swell of support — the newly unveiled trailer for the marmalade-loving Brit’s sequel film has been unveiled, and Paddington turns the sweet-and-simple cuteness up to whatever 10 is in Britain’s number system. (Do they use a base 10 number system? We have no way of knowing.) But what we do know is that Paddington will get his little bear foot stuck in a bucket, and then a second bucket will fall on his head! Two for the matinee, please!

As previously announcedPaddington 2 revolves around our little ursine hero making purchase of a special pop-up book for his dear Aunt Lucy’s birthday, only for some no-good purloiner to snatch the present before Paddington has the chance to deliver it to its rightful owner. The rest of the film sees the scrappy li’l guy embark upon a dangerous mission (with some help from faces-about-town Brendan Gleeson, Hugh Grant, and Peter Capaldi) to retrieve the gift, despite his slight stature and magnetic field attracting adorable mishaps.

The film, and the nationwide wave of warm and tingly feelings that will accompany it, will come to America on January 12 of next year following a U.K. run beginning in November. I know it’s already gotten kind of stale to declare a new release to be The Film We Need Right Now, but bear (hey!) with me for one moment: could there possibly be anything quite as soothing, as therapeutic, as nurturing and restorative as watching a precious cartoon bear bumble his way through a friendly city only for justice to prevail in the end? Is this not the ultimate fantasy in comforting wish-fulfillment?

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