For those who are not big fans of snowstorms or blizzards, one of the only good things about winter is that we'll have the chance to see more of our favorite North-of-The-Border weatherman: Frankie MacDonald.

For years, we've watched Nova Scotia resident Frankie scream out warnings of impending storms.  In most of his weather reports, he tells us how much snow we can expect and how high the wind speeds will be for a given area.  He also reminds us to be safe and will frequently remind us to stock up on survival supplies (soda, pizza, etc).

Here's a recent example:

Now, we can read his thoughts on being prepared.

According to Barnes & Noble. Frankie teamed up with writer Sarah Sawler to create Be Prepared!: The Frankie MacDonald Guide to Life, the Weather, and Everything.

The book shares stories from Frankie's early years and explains questions about the weather.  The book answers questions like: where clouds come from, how snow is formed, and how meteorologists predict the weather.  It's filled with pictures, graphics, and useful advice from Mr. MacDonald.

The book is targeted at kids aged 7 to 10, so it could be a great gift for the science-minded kid on your list.  The book is $16.95 or, if you're buying a digital copy, $7.49.  Get it HERE.

Not Familiar with Frankie?  According to Wikipedia, the 36 year old (born in 1984) amateur meteorologist is from Sydney, Nova Scotia.  Frankie, who has autism, has over 32 million views on his Youtube channel.  He has been honored numerous times by members of Canada's parliament, has his own bobblehead, and has received the Vital Cape Breton Excellence Award.  The award honors Cape Breton islanders who have made significant contributions in the community.

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