When Heart take the stage for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight (April 18), it will be the first time the band's original lineup have performed together since Roger Fisher left after his personal relationship with Nancy Wilson ended in 1979.

Fisher wrote on his Facebook page that he, bassist Steven Fossen and drummer Mike Derosier - both of whom left in 1982 - along with vocalist Somar Macek, drove from their hotel to the rehearsal hall, where they were greeted by keyboardist Howard Leese, the last of the original members to leave, and Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, who will be inducting the group.

Following an anecdote where Fisher and Cantrell bonded over Alice in Chains, the Wilson sisters entered the room. We'll let Fisher take it from there.

After a bit more clowning around and some good laughs had, Ann walks in. We hug hard and look deeply into each other’s eyes. There is genuine affection and caring here... both ways. We talk a bit and then in walks Nance. Again, heartfelt hugs and lots of laughter at the “musician comments” going around the room. We’re all pros here. We know that there’s one lubricant without which there’s simply not going to be much fun.

It’s about the vibe.

By now we’ve all dialed in our sounds and are ready. Nance hits the galloping intro to Crazy On You and boom! There it is. There’s the magic. There’s the chemistry. That mix of people, personalities and talent that only happens once. No other mix will ever be this. This ROCKS! This is HEART!

If we had only played the song once, it would have been enough to be ready for the show. That’s how good it is. We go through the whole song about four times, tighten up a few little things, and we’re done. Ready.

As Howard and I play the lead, we look at each other with knowing eyes, recognizing that we’ve both remembered subtle details that probably no Heart tribute band incorporate.

The humor in the room is easy and infectious. Great people here. We all know that same feeling we knew so well when we toured 34 years ago. We’re gonna rock the house!

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