Earlier this month, attorney Gina Sheldon, of Portsmouth, had take a business trip to Europe.  Over the course of eleven days, she spent time in Italy and Paris.  Like most of us would, while she was in Italy and Paris, she purchased some gifts for people back in the United States.

She had reportedly purchased a leather jacket for her teenager and various other gifts for family and friends.  In total, the purchases added up to about three thousand dollars.

According to WMUR TV, Sheldon got quite a surprise when she got back home.  When she opened her luggage, after arriving back in the United States at Boston's Logan Airport, she found that the gifts were gone.  Instead, in the bug, was dog food, an old shirt, and a cannister of shaving cream.

It appears the crooks were pretty clever with their use of replacing the goods with junk.  Because they put something back in the suitcase after taking the jacket and other items out, it appeared like it was normal luggage when it went through scanners.  A completely empty piece of luggage probably would have raised some red flags.

She is pretty certain the "switch" happened at Paris' Charles DeGaulle Airport.

While Sheldon had booked with Delta, she was on an Air France flight.  A representative has reached out to her to apologize and to explain that they were working hard to find a "resolution" to the issue.

We're hoping that the airline is about to get to the bottom of the problem and, at the very least, reimburse her for the lost gifts.

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