A great many Halloween activities have been canceled but Adam Sandler is coming to our rescue.  A new Adam Sandler movie is about to drop today on Netflix named “Hubie Halloween.”

The Manchester native filmed a great deal of the movie in our area, mostly Salem, Massachusetts, and included some locals as background actors.

I saw the trailer and it looks like classic Adam Sandler, with a lot of his friends and loaded with laughs.  It looks like I will be sitting around with a bowl of popcorn watching this Halloween night.

Watch the trailer on YouTube and see how many of Adam’s previous co-stars you can recognize.  This is the perfect movie to put you in the mood for the Halloween Season and Halloween is best spent in New England.  I loved that they filmed a lot of in Salem to give it a real Halloween feel. Sandler recently took an unconventional role in the film “Uncut Gems” which had many in Hollywood speculating that he could be an Oscar contender for his portrayal in the film.

I thought he was fantastic in it; he has great range as an actor.

I recently saw him on "Ellen" and like many of us, he said he had put some weight on during the pandemic and his take on intermittent fasting is hilarious.  I think he and I had the same idea about intermittent fasting like you can eat just nonstop for 6 hours then fast and it was nice to hear it didn’t work for him either.

So grab your popcorn and get ready for some laughs with his new movie “Hubie Halloween” on Netflix on October 7.

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