Afraid you may not be able to purchase toilet paper ever again? Worry not. The nation's biggest retailers say that the shortage will be brief.

This all started amid concerns of the rapidly spreading COVID-19. Experts say that it's the fear of the unknown that causes people to make, sometimes irrational, bulk purchases. I mean, we are aware this is a (usually mild) respiratory virus, right? COVID-19 is unlikely to give you excessive bowel movements.

The strangest thing to me is that people in the stores, at least from what I saw, were only hoarding household items like paper towels, bathroom tissue and toilet bowl cleaner. Like, what do you suppose you'll eat in a week from now? You won't even need that TP if there's nothing going IN to your body. Perhaps grab a box of cereal or something.

Anyway, I really dove off-topic there for a minute. 90% of America's TP is made right here in the U S of A, so settle down- we're not running out. Producers just need a couple days to bounce back from America's irrational toilet paper hoard of 2020.

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