According to News Center Maine, four small children have been found alive after going missing in a blizzard near Anchorage, Alaska.

On Sunday afternoon, 14-year-old Christopher Johnson, 8-year-old Frank Johnson, 7-year-old Ethan Camille and 2-year-old Trey Camille, residents of Nunam Iqua village, went for a snowmobile ride.

After they failed to return by 6:45, law enforcement was notified.  However, their search was cut short by a blizzard that had rolled into the area.  Fortunately, the children were found shortly after the search resumed on Monday morning.

Other than needing to be treated for hypothermia, all four were in good shape.

After being rescued, they explained that they explained how they managed to survive the blizzard without shelter.  Apparently, they dug a hole, put the two year old at the bottom, and huddled around him to keep him warm during the night.

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