As Mid-Maine Marine says right on their website:

Boats are selling out but the fish are still hungry.

That sense of urgency really applies whether you're considering a pontoon, a fishing boat, a towing boat or any other watercraft, as manufacturing delays should be expected throughout this year. So, your best bet is to reach out to Mid-Maine Marine soon to place a custom order or shop what is in stock.

Mid-Maine Marine also has been posting details about boats expected to arrive in the coming weeks on its Facebook page.

Mid-Maine Marine
Mid-Maine Marine

Mid-Maine Marine is known for great service, fair and honest sales and six generations of golden retrievers! They know service is the key to attracting and keeping clients, so they make it their top priority.

The showroom is open by appointment only, so call them at (800) 649-2628 to make an appointment today or visit them online at

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