In addition to a new Christmas album and supporting holiday tour, country star Martina McBride plans to release her second cookbook, Martina's Kitchen Mix: My Recipe Playlist for Real Life, in late October. This time around, McBride says the book will allow readers a glimpse into her kitchen and her favorite recipes to make.

"It's really just about how I'm cooking now," the singer says. "I'm not a cooking show; I'm a home cook. I'm not a trained chef. So, for me, the idea behind the new book was more just about showing people how I cook now, in my own kitchen, and how it's grown and changed over the last couple stages of life."

Some of the recipes featured in Martina's Kitchen Mix will reflect traditions that have been in McBride's family for decades, such as a unique Christmas treat called fluff salad. "My mom always made pot roast [for Christmas], and then we had a thing called fluff salad, which is pretty strange but delicious. It's more like candy than salad," she explains. "I actually have talked about it for years with my fans and wound up putting the recipe in my new cookbook, so if you're curious about what fluff salad is, it will be in there."

However, more health-conscious readers will find plenty of recipes to try in the new book, too. "There are some recipes I use now that are a little bit healthier," McBride goes on to say. "But then there are also recipes with a lot of cheese. So it's a good balance, I think, of how we live life. Everything in moderation.

"It doesn't really have an angle," she adds. "It's just a collection, like one of those old-fashioned cookbooks. It's just a collection of recipes that I actually make for my family, and that I think are delicious."

McBride stresses that while she's a home cook, and the new book of recipes reflects her experience as such, that doesn't mean she wouldn't like to try her hand as a television cook in the future. "I'd love to do a cooking show, actually," she says. "I love watching those shows on TV, so I'd love to try it."

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