We bring you good tidings from the land of James Bond rumors: Phil Nobile Jr., editor-in-chief of Fangoria and one of the world’s foremost James Bond experts (seriously, if you love 007, you have to follow Phil on Twitter) spotted this interesting video on Instagram. It’s from self-described “Personal Trainer for movies” Giacomo Farci, who boasts of training actors for movies like ShazamGreen Lantern, and Kingsman. And in this video, he’s training Mark Strong, with all kinds of Bond 25 hashtags:

As of this moment, Mark Strong is not officially confirmed as an actor in Bond 25. After Phil tweeted out the video, it was deleted. That’s not confirmation of anything, but it certainly is more smoke in search of a fire.

Or maybe Mark Strong’s trainer was being cheeky, and he’s actually getting ready to make a Brothers Grimsby sequel? Remember The Brothers Grimsby? Where Mark Strong played a James Bond-type and Sacha Baron Cohen was his hapless brother and they wound up on a case together. It was kind of funny.

It also proved that Mark Strong would be a great James Bond type; the only qualification he lacks is hair. James Bond is not bald. But Strong would make an awesome Bond bad guy, or even a Bond ally like Sean Bean’s 006 from GoldenEye. If Bond 25 has Mark Strong in any role at all really, it’s automatically a better film, no matter what that role is.

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