If you were to ask me, I would say that the french fry is America's biggest delicacy. I mean, wouldn't you? Kind of funny too, considering the french fry isn't even french- or is it? There has always been an ongoing dispute between France and Belgium about where the french fry was actually created. I'm not going to speculate or get in the middle, so you can make your own assumptions on that one.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. A recent study was done using analytic date from the Google search engine about what each state considered to be their absolute favorite fast-food fry. According to Fox a company called Spruce did all of the leg work on this study. FYI, Spruce is a company that produces CBD products.

Now before we get to Maine's number one fast food fry, let's go over some of the other popular ones across the country. Some of these restaurants I haven't even heard of before. Some I have heard of but have never been to. For example the most popular fast food fry in Arizona is from Jack in The Box. I've certainly heard of Jack in The Box, but I've never eaten there. Kind of want to now.

Also on the list is Bojangles, Chick-Fil-A, Five Guys, Shake Shack, Whataburger, Taco Bell, Burger King and Arby's. McDonald's has the most wins taking a total of 16 states with the top spot.

What do you think number one fast food french fry in Maine is? Scroll down and see the result- though I don't think you'll be overly surprised.

  • AL – Taco Bell
  • AK – Taco Bell
  • AZ – Jack in the Box
  • AR – Burger King
  • CA – Jack in the Box
  • CO – McDonald’s
  • CT – McDonald’s
  • DE – McDonald’s
  • DC – Five Guys
  • FL – Chick-Fil-A
  • GA – Checkers/Rally’s
  • HI – McDonald’s
  • ID – McDonald’s
  • IL – Steak N Shake
  • IN – Arby’s
  • IA – McDonald’s
  • KS – McDonald’s
  • KY – Wendy’s
  • LA – Popeyes
  • ME – McDonald’s
  • MD – Popeyes
  • MA – Burger King
  • MI – Arby’s
  • MN – Arby’s
  • MS – Taco Bell
  • MO – Five Guys
  • MT – McDonald’s
  • NE – Burger King
  • NV – Burger King
  • NH – McDonald’s
  • NJ – Popeyes
  • NM – McDonald’s
  • NY – Shake Shack
  • NC – Bojangles
  • ND – McDonald’s
  • OH – Arby’s
  • OK – McDonald’s
  • OR – McDonald’s
  • PA – Burger King
  • RI – Taco Bell
  • SC – Burger King
  • SD – McDonald’s
  • TN – Sonic
  • TX – Whataburger
  • UT – Wendy’s
  • VT – McDonald’s
  • VA – Popeyes
  • WA – Dairy Queen
  • WV – Taco Bell
  • WI – Culver’s
  • WY – Taco Bell

Where do you get your favorite fries in Maine? Let us know through the app!

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