Remember Mary Winchenbach? The woman who went viral after a video of her selling moose poop was shared on Facebook at the Common Ground Fair three weeks ago? Her video has been viewed more than 3.3 million times since it was posted Sept. 21.

She just quit her job at a seaweed plant to keep up with the demand of moose poop themed products. Can you even believe that? She left her full time job so she can make and sell item with moose poop on them.

The Portland Press Herald says Mary Winchenbach and her company, Tirdy Works, have hired a lawyer to help navigate her growing business, and hired her sister-in-law, Rachel to manage the website and interviews. Mary and her crap have been features on television shows and radio stations across the country and even as far away as Ireland.

Since she went viral, Mary and company have filled and shipped orders to customers as far away as Russia, Greece and Denmark according to the article.

Mary told the Press Herald they still have more than 2,500 orders to be filled and shipped, she wouldn’t say how much revenue they’ve brought in since the video went viral, but she says the best seller at the moment is her poo poo clock.


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