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According to WGME On Your Side, veterinarians now have to perform a background check on pet owners when writing an opioid prescription for their pet. The opioid problem has created some instances where adicts are using their pet's meds to get high, which is kind of hard to do because pet doses are so low; but they try. If the owner's and pet's prescribed medication is over a certain limit when combined, the vet is supposed to deny the medication.

Here's what you may be asked to fill out after handing over your I.D.:

background check

There have been cases reported of people injuring their pets to get the medication to take themselves, none have been reported in Maine. What will stop an addict from going from vet to vet for medicine?, there is also no data base to keep track of that. It seems to me that even though the intentions are good, there is a long list of issues related to this law that need to be addressed: what about HIPAA privacy rules? Man, I have to sign a form just to get my teeth cleaned , but not for a background check?! And what is a vet supposed to do if the medication between human and pet exceeds the new standard? Are they expected to refuse a person with a chronic illness medication for their sick pet?, or to confront a potential drug addict?! Vet practices will also have to pay hundreds of dollars for classes that they are required to take-that don't even exist yet. There are no standard forms for them to follow, it's all very vague. I understand that the opiate problem is real, but veterinarians are not human doctors, and this law seems to put a lot of responsibility on their shoulders for what should be a law enforcement issue. That's my opinion.

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