If you love looking at the stars and planets, you are definitely going to want to plan some time to be outside on Sunday night.

According to Space, the gas giant Jupiter will be at its closest point to Earth in nearly six decades.  On Sunday evening, for the first time in 59 years, Jupiter will come within 367 million miles of Earth.  Yes, that still seems like an astronomical distance from us, but when you're dealing with the vastness of space, 367 million miles it actually very close.

Even better, Jupiter will be at "opposition" on Monday evening.  That means the planet will be opposite the sun when it comes to the Earth.  So, the Earth will be between the sun and Jupiter.  That means you won't be looking through the glare of the sun to see the gas giant and that the massive planet will be illuminated by the sun.  As a result, it will appear extremely bright in the sky.

This image does a good job showing what we mean.


Even though you'll be able to see Jupiter with your naked eye, you are going to want to use a pair of binoculars or a telescope when viewing it because you should be able to see some of Jupiter's dozens of moons.

The bummer is the fact that, as of Thursday evening, it looks like the weather for Sunday and Monday is not going to cooperate.  The National Weather Service is calling for clouds and showers on both Sunday and Monday.  But, the weather changes quickly, so who knows.

If the skies do cooperate, you'll be able to see Jupiter rising in the east just about dark.  It will rise high into the sky and set in the west before dawn.

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