Because they were cautious, a Buxton resident avoided falling for a new scam that has recently started popping up in Maine.

According to a post on the Buxton Police Department Facebook page, a resident of Buxton recently received a an envelop addressed to "a friend".  Inside the envelop was a Verbatim "burned" CD.  Writing on the CD suggested the recipient watch, copy, and share with their friends.

Fortunately, out of an abundance of caution (mainly because they were not expecting to get something like this in the mail, the resident chose NOT to put the CD in their laptop.

According to law enforcement, the CD was likely loaded with malware designed to take control of the computer or, at the very least, allow the sender access to the computer owner's private information.

The post from the Buxton Police Department goes on to say:

While the police department has not received any other similar calls, we suspect others may have or will receive this type of mail. If you do, please don't let your curiosity get the best of you, instead immediately dispose of the CD. Information gathered from a list of ongoing scams indicates this CD was likely ladened with malware and other programs that can infect a computer and allow hackers to gain access to and steal personal information from the recipient's computer.

Not surprisingly, the envelop did not contain a return address.  However, police are still investigating the incident and they suggest anyone who receives a similar package to call their local police department.

They also remind people that scams involving the scammer asking the potential victim to purchase gift cards are frequent.

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