Lt. Tim Cotton and a fellow officer from the Bangor, Maine Police Department just happened across this fantastic wooden sculpture while out on patrol. The artist's name is Josh Landry, and he has been commissioned by Stephen King's wife, Tabitha (also a writer), according to the police department's Facebook page. We are amazed by the intricate details (in the pictures below) of his menagerie of fantastic beasts. Wait, that's another famous author. You will see at least four cats, an owl, other birds, squirrels and more set most appropriately in a book shelf. Quick… Can you name the movies?

Birds = "The Dark Half" had a lot of birds in it.

Cats = "Cat's Eye" and "Pet Cematary" are two that come to mind.

Lt. Cotton says the menagerie is being carved from a three-hundred-year-old ash tree.

Stephen King Over the Years

Stephen King Over the Years

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