Common sense would probably tell you that while you're in jail doing time for a crime, you probably shouldn't commit any more while you're in there. Turns out however, at least for one Maine inmate, that isn't always the case.

Tyson Servisky, 32-years-old of Searsport, Maine, has been charged with multiple counts of trafficking in prison contraband and 43 counts of violation of conditions of release. These crimes are each class C crimes.

According to the Kennebec Journal, Servisky has been at the Somerset County Jail on a charge of domestic violence. As it would turn out, the person that has been mailing him the suboxone strips is the reported victim from the original charge of domestic violence.

The mail was coming in addressed to Servisky and was disguised as legal mail coming from a lawyer's office. However, it wasn't actually mail coming from a lawyer's office, it was fake and contained the suboxone strips within. Suboxone strips are used in the treatment of opioid addiction.

The person who was allegedly sending the contraband through the mail is 28-year-old Taylor Hustus also of Searsport, Maine. Authorities say she admitted to sending the fake mail when she was questioned by a Somerset Sheriff's Office Detective. Hustus and Servisky were not supposed to have any contact with one another after the initial arrest following the domestic violence charge. Hustus has since been summonsed on two counts of trafficking in prison contraband.

The investigation of the mail began after jail officials received word from people in the community that they believed the strips were being smuggled into the jail. Both Hustus and Servisky are set to be arraigned on September 9th.

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