Maine Game Wardens are warning snowmobilers about the dangers of skimming and the fact that it could lead to legal troubles.

According to WGME, two people were recently summonsed for skimming across a lake in New Hampshire.

For those who don't know, skimming is when you ride your snowmobile across open water.  Traveling at a significant rate of speed allows you to skim across the top of the water like a skipping rock.

Some people even tow water-skiers when they skim.

Game Wardens warn this can quickly turn deadly.  A malfunction can slow you down and cause you to sink into the icy waters in the middle of a lake.  Illegal since the early 2000s, punishments could include "operating on open water" and disorderly conduct.

If you are a snowmobiler, please be safe and follow the rules.


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