When we talk about companies that are instrumental in combatting the pandemic, most people probably think of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.  However, here in Maine, we normally instantly think of Puritan Medical Products.

Puritan's contribution to the fight against COVID-19 is in the form of testing swabs.  If you remember, at the beginning of the pandemic, one of the big issues we had was a lack of testing swabs.  As a result, there was a long wait for people who wanted (or needed) to get tested.

Fortunately, the great team at Puritan jumped into action.  They quickly ramped up production.  They even added a new manufacturing facility in Pittsfield.

Now, it looks as though they are expanding outside Maine.

According to News Center Maine, the company has announced they have purchased a factory in Orlinda, Tennessee.

According to Wikipedia, Orlinda is a VERY small town.  It has an estimated population of 940 people.  However, it is a short drive from metro Nashville, and all that city has to offer.  Because of its proximity to shipping (and staffing) options in Nashville, it is perfect for Puritan's needs.  The Central location makes shipping in nationwide a lot easier than it is to ship from Maine.

Puritan, which employs over 1,400 people in Maine, plans to hire about 650 people for the Orlinda location.

With its ramped-up production, the company now makes about 100 million testing swabs per month.

There is no word on when the new plant will open.

In January, the company was named Inc. Magazine's "Company of The Year" for 2020.

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