About this time each year, we start to see warnings from Maine wildlife experts and medical doctors about the dangers of encounters with the Browntailed Caterpillars and the Browntailed Caterpillar Moths.

Coming into contact with these pests, or the hairs they shed, can cause allergic reactions.  These range from itching that can last from hours to weeks to difficulty breathing (if their shed hairs are inhaled).  In some cases, however, these reactions can be VERY severe.

This was the case with well-known local photographer Deanna Walker.

You probably know Deanna, and husband Mark, from their appearances at local events.  They've shot photos for the Kenney Awards, dance recitals, UMA events, local festivals, and more.  We're extremely lucky to have the Walkers as part of our community.

Deanna's encounter should serve as a warning to us all.  In the post, she explains that at the end of a busy Memorial Day weekend:

"my ear started to itch and a red rash/hives started , that moved to my neck and continued through the day, until it reached my toes . I was one big hive. I had the chills because the rash was so hot. I went to bed after taking 2 Benadryl and tried to ignore the little shards or glass that felt it was embedded in skin. I got up made it to the hall as my vision went black, I had enough time to scream, woke up to Mark over me calling 911"

She says thanks to the amazing paramedics, nurses, and doctors, plus massive doses of Benadryl and steroids, she is doing much better.

She recommends people not take chances and suggests that people go to the doctor is they have concerns.

Deanna, we're glad everything turned out okay!

So I don't post much about our personal life but I feel I have to do a PSA, yesterday after a busy work week-end , my...

Posted by Deanna Mark Walker on Tuesday, May 26, 2020


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