Normally, when we hear about people being rescued, it is the first responders that are doing the saving.  Not this time, though!

According to WMTW, on Wednesday afternoon, Tyler Leonard, of Turner, rescued Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce.

According to the TV station website, Sheriff Kevin Joyce was kayaking on Sebago Lake when his kayak capsized.  Leonard, a construction worker, pulled Sheriff Joyce from the water.

The sheriff was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for hypothermia.  He has since been released.

The incident is being treated as a boating accident and is being investigated as such.  Standish Fire / EMS and the Maine Warden Service are leading the investigation.

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According to Nationwide, you should always be prepared for any kind of emergency when you are on your boat.  They suggest:

  • -Having a flashlight on hand
  • -Having duct tape because it is useful for so many things
  • -Having a bailing bucket - just in case
  • -Hasving a whistle on board -  perfect for signally for help
  • -having a first aid kit on hand
  • -having flares on board
  • -Making sure you have plastic bags on board because they make great emergency rain ponchos
  • -Having a mirror on hand because they make a great signally device
  • -Having enough life jackets on board for everyone on the boat

Be safe and happy boating!

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