When I say "waterslide" you probably instantly think of crowded water parks dominated by immense scaffolding and light blue (normally) plastic tubes.  People laughing and screaming.  The smell of chlorine.  And, often, some really expensive admission tickets  Right?

There's no doubt that those waterslides are a lot of fun, especially on a hot summer day.

But, have you ever been to Maine's naturally occurring waterslide?  Yes, it's a real thing!  And, even better, you can visit it yourself... for FREE!

The falls / waterslide are off Route 26, a few miles west of Newry.  Yes, it is kind of a haul from most of Central Maine (about 90 minutes from Augusta), but worth the trip.

According to Only In Your State, you start the trip to the waterslide at the Steep Falls Preserve.  Just pull off Route 26 and find a parking spot.

According to All Trails, the trail itself is just over half a mile out (and a half mile back).  It works it's way along the river / falls / waterslide.

Keep in mind that there are some slick spots, specifically near the slide.  So, please be careful.

What's your favorite place to take a hiking day trip?  Let us know and share your pictures and videos with us through our app or on Facebook.

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