UPDATE: 8/24/18- According to WMTW, the treasurer of the Litchfield Fair has been arrested in connection with the alleged theft of money from the fair.

The story said that Ryan Beaudette, 36,has been charged with theft by the Kennebec County Sherrif's Office and that Beaudette has confessed to the theft.


Two weeks from the start of the Litchfield Fair and they find out they are broke!

About $80,000 is gone.

The fair treasurer is cooperating with authorities in the matter according to centralmaine.com.

So the Litchfield Fair is asking for your in a couple of different ways to help them start to bounce back from this event.

Do one! Do both!

1) Come to the Litchfield Fair! Run Sept 7 -9 at the Litchfield Fair Grounds! Here is the schedule of events. You will love it. I think I may be there judging apple pies on Friday the 7th.

2) You can make a donation to the organization at any Camden National Bank branch. Their post at the Litchfield Fair Facebook page says "to avoid becoming victims once again, that will be the only way to make donations". So no online donations, just simply stop into a Camden National Bank branch. It is an extra step, but you can understand them wanting to keep it a simple as possible right now. Here is where you can find Camden National locations.

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