The home where famous Mainer Leon Leonwood Bean lived most of his life and started his business was recently restored to it's full historic glory.

L.L. Bean Blog
L.L. Bean Blog

This photo from the L.L. Bean blog shows what the home looked like in the late 1800s and early-1900s. His daughter and wife are photographed outside the home.

The Queen Anne style home at 6 Holbrook Street in Freeport, Maine underwent careful restoration to return the interior and exterior to the same appearance as when L.L. Bean himself occupied its rooms.

A Maine company called Barrett Made was responsible for the restoration and explained on Instagram that the home would serve as a gallery and exhibit space.

According to a Portland Press Herald article from 2014, L.L. Bean raised his children in that home and launched L.L. Bean while living there. The Maine Hunting Shoe was also invented while he called 6 Holbrook Street his home.

The intricate details of the staircase banister and the vintage stained glass windows are among the many features of this historically significant home. The exterior color scheme appears to mimic the dark brown and rich chestnut leather colors of a classic Bean Boot. Coincidence? Maybe.

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