Move over Chupacabra. There is a new nasty mid-sized predator called a Kinkajous wrecking havoc in Texas.

And, unlike the mythical killer of goats and livestock, the Kinkajous is very real.

Real but hard-to-pin-down species-wise. In fact, when homeowners first saw the creature terrorizing their cats with his razor-sharp teeth and running atop their roofs they thought it was an ill-tempered monkey.

The police were called, prompting the beast to bite the deputy who tried to reign him in. For this the authorities named him "rat," although it's unclear if that was for his appearance or unpleasant nature.

When they did finally get control of the shifty mammal they were able to identify it as a Kinkajous, a raccoon-like creature that is indigenous to South America's rain forests.

It is believed "rat" is an escaped pet. He is currently being quarantined and tested for rabies.  Despite his nasty demeanor, we have to say he's not such a bad looking fellow.