I'm not sure if we can "brag"  about this, but this is pretty wild if you did not know.

The smallest town in America is in Maine.

After randomly searching where the smallest town in the country is, I was shocked to find many towns listed. It's not clean-cut, and there's room for speculation.

That is because there are a few "towns" that are only populated by one family. For example, according to a Country Living article, there is a town in Alaska called Hobart Bay that only has one resident.

Similarly, there is a town in Maine that also only has one sole resident. And that town is tiny, tiny. Like, less-than-one-mile tiny.

According to a NewsWeek article, the smallest town in America is Hibberts Gore. The town only covers an area of .752 square miles.

Google Earth
Google Earth

Shocked about this news, I had to follow up where everyone does: Wikipedia.

Sure enough, according to the Wikipedia page:

According to the United States Census Bureau, Hibberts Gore has a total area of 0.752 sq mi (1.95 km2), of which 0.745 sq mi (1.93 km2) is land and 0.007 sq mi (0.02 km2), or 0.9%, is water.[2] The water is primarily wetlands, part of Sheepscot Pond, which is the headwaters of Sheepscot River.

That is not even the wildest part. One person, not a family, is on this land.

How does one person have "ownership" over their own town?

According to Newsweek, the land was ignored by the surveyors who mapped Maine.

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