Well, how appropriately timed is this spooky moment? 'Tis the season as we approach Halloween when a floating, white, mysterious apparition (or dare I say ghost) was caught on camera. It's definitely curious, that's for sure. When you watch the video, you will see a quiet, calm night, then a SWOOSH of white floating quite swiftly by. It's all caught on camera, which I've attached below. The footage has now gone viral worldwide.

According to the Library Restaurant in Portsmouth, this has never happened before. The motion detectors set off the alarm inside at the exact time this ghostly moment floated by the front of the restaurant. As you keep watching the video, you'll see another similar occurrence. A minute later, two policemen show up, check the door to the restaurant, then appear to start their search of the perimeter.

Our building - the Rockingham - is well known for its ghosts and notably the ones in the Library basement. For the very first time our motion detector alarms INSIDE the building were set off by this camera motion caught on video in the dead of night outside the window. The motion detectors inside cannot see what the camera outside sees! It is not lights from the car - because you can see how others are picked up and there is no horizontal wind blowing. So what can this be! Make of it what you will but this has never happened before! Spooky coincidence for the time of year? Ps our Police rock,showing up to check it all out in double quick time 1:18.
 At the 17-second mark in the video, and again around 30 seconds in, you can see the ghostly moment prior to the police arriving.

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