It has become an annual tradition to have Portland Police Officer Jeremy Turner sing a Christmas song. This is the seventh year that the Department has posted a video of  Officer Turner singing and he has an incredible voice.

According to the Portland Police Department, Jeremy Turner grew up in Portland and as a teenager, sang 'Ave Maria' for several years during the Christmas Eve midnight mass at St. Joseph Church on Stevens Avenue. He's got the experience, that's for sure!

He joined the department in August of 2016 and his singing talents were quickly discovered. He's been able to continue his passion for song by singing the National Anthem at sporting events in the city as well as songs at other public events.

The Portland Police Department took a video of Turner singing Christmas songs and posted it to Facebook. The likes and shares were huge and now people look forward to the song that he will sing each year at Christmas.

Before we get to this year's video, you have to check out a couple from the past like the "12 Days of Christmas" but with a change to the lyrics.

And here's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

Okay, it's not perfect with the wind and the truck backing up in the background, but his voice is still amazing.

Now, for the seventh year in a row, here's Officer Turner's rendition of "Ave Maria."

You don't even have to know the translation of the lyrics to realize what an amazing singer Officer Turner is. Can you imagine if he had his own Christmas album? It needs to happen.

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