OK. These are cool. I'll admit it. They caught my eye.

I will also admit they don't look like they belong in Portland, especially in the middle of Payson Park in Portland, Maine, where all the kids go for sports activities.

However, that's also what makes these three sculptures even more interesting.

Let's dive further into what these cartoon-looking sculptures actually are though.

Since the roads around the back cove are finally done after years of being under construction, I was able to drive through the park from the Hannford side where I was greeted by these big pink sculptures.

Turns out these large creature-looking things are actually an art exhibit called "Beneath the Forest, Beneath the Sea" built by an artist Pamela Moulton.

This is the cool part. As told by tempoartmaine.com, these structures were built from over 10 tons of old ropes, fishing gear, and other fishing debris found in the Gulf of Maine.

Also told by tempoartmaine.org, "Beneath the First, Beneath the Sea" consists of three larger-than-life, free-standing whimsical sculptures that the artist describes as "an underwater arboretum crossed with outer space creatures".

“These are sensory sculptures and I hope people will touch, crawl, and picnic under them, and marvel that these materials were just recently lost and haunting the bottom of the ocean," Moultain said on the website page. "I’m happy that many will enjoy the art simply for its beauty and whimsy, and I hope it will additionally inspire some to contemplate, discuss, and get actively involved in the deeper underlying environmental issues.”

When you're on your next mental health walk, you should absolutely take a stroll over to Payson. I don't need to give you directions to find these things, you'll see them!

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