Watch out for zombies in Massachusetts.

"The Walking Dead: Dead City," the spin-off series to the popular AMC show "The Walking Dead," took over part of Worcester recently and transformed it into New York City.

Thankfully, locals and fans shared some behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of the post-apocalyptic location, and now you can catch a glimpse.

How weird is it to see a New York Post truck or even an NYPD car in Massachusetts?

Or what about New York City-detailed trash cans and a subway that goes... nowhere? Some Hollywood magic right there.

One Facebook poster had over 40+ photos that ranged from showing off weathered vehicles and buildings to actors in their zombie battle gear.

Similarly, another person got more photos of the "Walking Dead" set in the city while calling out how great it is Worcester got put on the list of filming locations for the show.

What's even more cool is that Worcester wasn't just serving up some B-roll footage for the show as the series' leads Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan were spotted filming scenes.

Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing zombies and Negan on your street?

Or what about spotting Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie up on a Massachusetts roof looking out below? Surreal.

Check out this video of what looks to be a group of "bad guys" surrounding Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character, Negan, before "cut" is called and he waves to onlooking fans.

If you didn't know, "The Walking Dead: Dead City," follows characters Negan and Maggie in a new chapter of "The Walking Dead" world. While season 1 involved the search for Maggie's kidnapped son, season 2 will likely continue the story and expand upon how things ended up in the finale.

Not much is known yet on plot details, but you can be sure there will be zombies aplenty.

Check out the trailer for season 1 below:

Can you imagine what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse in New England? It might be a good setting for the next zombie movie or TV show. Someone get on that.

No word yet on when "The Walking Dead: Dead City" season two will air. Hopefully late 2024 or early 2025.

You can also check out some photos from when the show took over Taunton, Massachusetts, to film there.

Zombies Take Over Taunton for 'Walking Dead' Spinoff Filming

Taunton hosted filming this week for Season 2 of The Walking Dead: Dead City, including stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen visiting the Silver City. Check out some photos sent to us by Taunton residents who went to visit the set.

Gallery Credit: Tim Weisberg