It's incredible when Mainers come together.

The Auburn, Maine, Police Department recently shared a moose rescue story on its Facebook page involving multiple people teaming up to help.

Thankfully, the poor guy was able to get free thanks to those who pitched in during the animal's time of need.

According to the police department, there was a report of a young moose stuck between a tree and a garage on Josslyn Street in Auburn. The animal was so stuck that he apparently had been in that spot the entire night before being discovered the following morning.

Can you imagine if the neighbor didn't spot the moose? It might have been still stuck with the potential for a worse outcome.

Luckily, an amazing group of Mainers got together to free him from being trapped: the Auburn Police Department, Auburn Public Works, the Maine Warden Service, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, and some neighbors.

Once he was unstuck, the moose was taken for medical evaluation and treatment, according to the Auburn police. The Facebook post also noted that after the evaluation and depending on how it is doing, the moose will go to either the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray or be released back into the wild. states that there are reportedly over 75,000 moose in Maine and a mature bull moose can weigh over 1,000 pounds.

Trying to get a massive bull moose from being stuck sounds even more daunting than just a young moose, but let's be real, if anyone could get the job done, it's Mainers.

Here's to hoping that young moose gets a good check-up and is back in nature in no time. Bet it will avoid trying to squeeze through any tight spaces in the future after its latest adventure!

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