Is it just me, or does it feel like this year we went hard for Halloween, then decided we were going to skip Thanksgiving?

To Mainers right now, it's full blown Christmas. Everywhere you look, everything you taste. We've skipped Thanksgiving and dived headfirst into the Christmas season.

Here's why.

Christmas lights have been put up all around the city of Portland since last week. Most coffee shops like Dunkin' have their holiday latte menu up on their board, ready for you to order. There are Christmas carols playing in every single department store like Marshalls and HomeGoods, which really set the scene for people.

Speaking of department stores, in most T.J. Maxx locations right now, all the Halloween and fall decor is on the clearance rack, which is a clear indicator that the season is over. I understand Halloween stuff being on clearance. However the fall wreaths and pumpkin candles aren't out of season just yet! I mean, come on, we even eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, which is still a couple weeks away!

The target in South Portland has all of their Christmas themed decor and loungewear displayed already, and most stores have followed suit.

Once a department store starts selling those matching pajama sets when you first walk in, Thanksgiving is in the past.

We do know this happens every year, sure, but does anyone else feel like THIS year above any other has pushed Christmas way earlier?!

It's actually making me feel weird to have a Thanksgiving dinner. I feel out of season now. I mean, Merry Christmas at this point!

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