Are there any wiener lovers out there in Maine or New Hampshire?

This is the most amazing news I could have ever read. Oscar Mayer (whose song has been stuck in my head since I was a child), is now hiring.

Imagine being paid to drive a giant wiener across the world, and be given a salary for it.

Well, Maine and New Hampshire might be used to seeing the giant mobiles around town, considering the giant bean boot mobile representing L.L. Bean rolls around these parts a lot.

But now you can be the person to take the wheel of it. Well, the giant hot dog one at least.

According to, here's what the job listing looks like:

"Calling all hot dog lovers!

Oscar Mayer is hiring folks to become a member of its coveted "Hotdogger" class — and get behind the wheel of its Wienermobiles. Measuring 27 feet long and 11 feet high — or 60 hot dogs long and 24 hot dogs high, per Oscar Mayer — the Wienermobiles have been on the road since 1936.

The gig pays $35,600 as a base salary, but also includes a weekly allowance of $150 for meals and personal travel, 18 days of paid time off, full health benefits, and all hotel expenses covered".

Are you convinced yet? I mean, think of all the wiener jokes you could make. There's endless content here.

Can you imagine doing this for a job? What kind of job do you do? Is it one of the most common jobs from 150 years ago?

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