It's inevitable. As we get older, it seems like we don't care as much about what we do for our birthdays.

I think a little bit of our hearts will always want to do something fun when the time comes, but I also think we're too tired to plan something.

Or maybe you land somewhere in between those thoughts. Either way, these suggestions will likely benefit you in some way.

Downtown Portland has tons of different activities to offer. And if you're anything like me, you don't notice them until you walk by accidentally or see something on Facebook.

Here are a few fun findings that I've recently discovered, all of which would be perfect for a birthday activity.

1. Muse Paintbar

You can grab some friends and do a group paint night right on Commercial Street. They also offer alcoholic adult beverages, which always makes throwing paint on a canvas more fun.

2. Terrarium Portland

You can make your own plant here! This is such a cool concept, especially for plant lovers. Check out all the real details of the Terrarium here.

3. Escape Room

Head to Congress Street to check out The Escape Room. There's nothing funnier than a group of adults being put into a room and told they can't get out until they learn how to work together and solve a bunch of puzzles.

Where are some other places you can go to celebrate your birthday?

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