Are we not romantic around here?

I feel like I've witnesses plenty of romance in my years. On the other hand, I've watched people exchange gift cards for milestone anniversaries. I'm not claiming to be Captain Romance or anything, far from it. I try sometimes, but it seems the more I try the worse I do. I end up feeling like s supreme cheeseball.

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But it is important to make your partner in life feel appreciated and loved, otherwise what's the point? We've all seen relationships that look the two people are in them for no reason at all, almost like they hate each other. I would like to think Maine is not full of those couples, but this recent survey may point to otherwise.

Maine is among the Top 10 least romantic states in the US.

According to a recent study from, which sought to list the most romantic states. Maine ranks at #44, almost all the way at the bottom. One could say it the other way too, which is we're the 6th least romantic. There's only a handful of states less romantic than we are.

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Luckily, just two states away, Vermont sets the bar even lower as the 2nd least romantic state. So we're not alone in New England. Although to be fair, none of the New England states did what I would describe as awesome. New Hampshire scored the highest, but was still well below the halfway point.

How was this all determined?

Things like Google trends data, marriage rate statistics, and Valentine’s Day spending. Combine all these things, and the list comes out the way it does. This wasn't just a sample survey of however many people and that's it. Sadly, no. This is cold, hard data that says we suck at being romantic.

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There's still time, though. Valentine's Day is just days away, and now that you know the truth, you can do something about it. You can buck the trends. You can start a new way of life in your relationship. You can just be plain, old romantic. Or you can continue to be the cranky old Bridge Troll this study says we are... Your choice.

Start planning your next date night right here. Or your day-after breakfast. (Wink, wink!)

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