Mainers love a solid reason to gather up to eat their favorite foods.

When you think about Maine, and I suppose it's true in any state, there are a handful of foods that are basically Maine, if not New England, standards. Like baked beans. Or blueberries. Or lobsters. There are some things that are basically ingrained into us as part of our state culture.

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Think about it, if you were actually being nice to an inquisitive tourist, there is definitely a list of must-try foods before you leave. When I was in Nova Scotia a few years ago, everyone kept asking if we'd tried Rappie Pie, which is a local favorite there. It was delicious. Of course, anything is with chicken and potato...

Maine also loves to honor these beloved foods with their own festivals.

Getty / TSM Media Library
Getty / TSM Media Library

If you take any one of the local favorite foods I mentioned above, you'd know that one thing they all have in common, is that they all have their own festival. There's the Maine Blueberry Festival, the Whoopie Pie Festival. Red snapper hot dogs even have their own special day.

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Up in Presque Isle this weekend on the 17th and 18th, It's time for the 4th annual Fiddlehead Festival. Folks will be gathering up to celebrate one of Maine's most prized annual harvests for sure, but there will also be a ton of other fun activities taking place around the area as well.

Stuff your face, but have some fun too!

There's going to be a fun run, lots of activities for kids on Saturday, and lots of cool food and shopping deals to be had the night before on Friday, when the event kicks off. There will be live music, and so much more the whole weekend. But of course, the star of the event will be the fiddleheads, no doubt about that.

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So why not pack up the family and either drive right down the road, or hit the highway from down south and head up to the festivities. Big fairs and all that stuff are cool, but I also love these other kinds of festivals that a little outside the box. Besides, when else can I shamelessly eat my weight in fiddleheads?

Fiddleheads know no borders, just sayin'...

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