Whenever I watch Survivorman, I feel pretty smug.

Whenever I watch any of those reality survival shows, I feel like somehow I'm a step above most people. As though somehow I'm just taking in all this information and if anything bad ever happened, I'd totally be ok because I could live off the land the way I learned from Les Stroud.

Ready for disaster - checking off the items on the emergency preparedness form

We all know that in reality, I'd probably starve to death quickly. Well, not too quickly considering the shape I'm in these days... But I'm always kind of envious of people who've decided to make a go off it, in the sense of off-grid living. I just assume, like most things, that the upfront cost of that lifestyle must be mind boggling.

What if someone did most the work for you?

That seems to be the case up in Sangerville, up in Piscataquis County. There's a property for sale up there right now known affectionately as the "Doomstead". It's a small home on 16 acres that is pretty much the embodiment of living off the land. There's a barn for raising animals, gardens, a greenhouse, a pond stocked with trout... It just needs you to live there.


The house itself isn't for everybody. It's mostly cinderblock and is built into the side of a small mound. Likely this helps stabilize the temps inside year round. It's also fairly small. It's just 2 bedrooms and one bath, on a 32'x38' slab. There is a small attic for additional storage. So if you thought this was your palace in the woods, think again.

You'll definitely be in charge of the spot.

All the work is on you, for the most part. You'll need to know how to work the land. You'll need to do your own plowing, because the property itself is almost a thousand feet back from the road. In short, you can't be intimidated by the amount of work it will take to live here. It won't be easy, but it will absolutely be rewarding.

The list price is $359,000 and is being viewed at the property's own website, Doomsteadforsale.com... Given what the home is like, tire kickers and gawkers are discouraged. They're just looking for serious inquiries only. But if it sounds like you, check it out.

Here are photos of the interior and the property as whole. So cool...

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