Yelp isn't really the place you'd expect to find police department reviews.

But in the day and age where people treat mug shot like a Glamor Shots photo session, it's not necessarily a shocker that this would be the case. People all but live on the internet these days, good or bad. So eventually, people are going to find ways to share their opinions on the web, even if the subject matter is a little odd.


If you Google any given subject, chances are you can find some kind of review on it. Heck, more often than not, you can find a video review on YouTube. People love to make little movies, bashing their least favorite things. And sometimes people even leave positive reviews. But since the internet is usually for haters, It's not as prevalent.

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But people seem to love giving good reviews to the BPD.

Granted, most of the people who have taken to to leave a review of the Bangor Police Dept. have been to visit the Duck of Justice. Most Yelpers all seem aghast that there aren't more amazing reviews of Bangor's most famous fowl. So those that do come to review, leave absolutely glowing words, making even the most hardened of hearts want to come visit the DOJ. Tim Cotton couldn't even believe their rating.

Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook
Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook

But some people may find themselves having to spend the night in BPD's facilities. According to the Yelp review left by Charlie P. from Concord, NH... the accommodations were more than suitable. In fact, he was so pleased he even implied he might be back to stay another time. His review stated:

They were very gentle when they handcuffed me and their patrol vehicles are incredibly roomy.  Overall, very professional.  Will get arrested by them again for sure.

I mean... it doesn't really get any better than that. There are other towns who've been reviewed on Yelp as well. Fairfield, Hampden, Rockport, and Winslow. In fact, Winslow was another 5-star police department. Obviously, it pays to be nice to the people you're dealing with. After all, you just never what they'll say on Yelp.

A solid police department is a good reason to move anywhere...

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