As a kid, it always seemed like dark magic working against us.

It's true. When I was a kid, I never really understood the weather. Not that I fare much better as an adult, but I at least try to. But I almost clearly remember the first time my mom tried to explain to me how much colder it was when the wind was blowing. All I knew is that it was cold.

Businessman in a Cold Office with Snow and Ice

As I got older, I began to dread the wind in wintertime. In fact, I used to joke the name should be changed to winder instead of winter. But also as I got older, I began to wonder how the wind chill was determined. I always assumed it was this over-the-top equation best left to qualified scientists.

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You can cheat and do it this way...

There are obviously a couple of ways. You can totally do it the lazy way, which is to go to the National Weather Service and use their online calculator. If you're into the easy way out, this is your deal, for sure. However, maybe you need more adventure in your life and feel like doing the math yourself. Well, I gotcha covered there too.

Or, you can do the actual math...

According to this article, it's a pretty simple series of math maneuvers. All you do is multiply the wind speed by 0.7, and then subtract that number from the actual temperature. So if the wind was 20mph, and the temp was 25 degrees, it would go something like 25 - (20x0.7), which would equal 23.6 degrees.

Temperature Gauge in the Snow
Jonathan Larsen

While I do agree that it would be just more convenient and easy to use the NWS wind chill calculator, at least now you know-how. Sometimes it's just nice to lift the veil on these things. It's nice to know an average Joe like me can do weather stuff, haha. Now, where's that easy link to the calculator again???

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