Survey after survey says that the best thing about the Christmas season is spending time with family.

Hard to disagree.

It doesn’t come from a store. It comes from the fellowship of family and close friends.

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When it comes to the holiday season, from the twinkling lights to the shared warmth of a kitchen filled with baking aromas, all represent a cherished moment with loved ones.

Spending time with family during the holiday season is indeed a joyous experience.

Or maybe it’s not.

Here is the staggering fact about Mainers at Christmas.

1 in 5 Adult Mainers face a lonely Christmas.

And Christmas is ranked as the worst time of the year to spend time alone from a mental health standpoint.

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Getty Images

Doesn’t that number of people sound like a lot?  It equates to around 100 thousand adults being alone for the day.  Not necessarily lonely, but alone on a day when the focus is on family and close friends.

However here is another statistic that will make you proud to be a Mainer.

When the question was asked:

Would you extend an invitation to a neighbor known to be spending the holiday alone?

88% of Mainers affirmed that they would welcome their neighbor into their home to share in the Christmas spirit.

Nice to know. And if you are dreading being alone for Christmas, reach out. Odds are in your favor that someone would welcome you for their celebration.

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