As the dark, cold winter approaches in our Pine Tree State, seasonal depression seems to be right around the corner as well.

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Seasonal affective disorder, aptly abbreviated as 'SAD,' is a type of depression that typically emerges during specific seasons, with autumn and winter being the most common. The prevailing belief is that the shorter days and reduced daylight may trigger chemical changes in the brain leading to depressive symptoms.

Credit: Roan Lavery on Unsplash
Credit: Roan Lavery on Unsplash

According to the NHS, one prevailing theory is that a lack of sunlight might disrupt the proper functioning of a brain region called the 'hypothalamus.' This disruption can impact the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for inducing sleepiness. In individuals with SAD, the body may produce higher-than-normal levels of melatonin.

Mainers, experiencing harsher winter months than most other states in the country, are no strangers to grappling with and managing seasonal depression.

Credit: Hide Obara on Unsplash
Credit: Hide Obara on Unsplash

While there's no universal solution that works for everyone, TikTok comedian Dan Hentschel, with his 1.8 million followers, has shared a couple of unconventional methods he allegedly uses to manage his seasonal depression.

Hentschel suggests quirky solutions reminiscent of Nathan Fielder, like applying sunscreen to your face every morning to evoke your 'favorite summer memories.' Another tip is to place your feet in a bag of sand under your desk, or on the go, pouring sand directly into your shoes. Supposedly, this tricks your brain into thinking it's summertime.

Call me crazy, I know these are supposed to be jokes, but don't they kind of sound like they make sense, right?

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