In the wake of the tragic mass shooting that changed our lives in Lewiston, Maine, on October 25th the city came together for resilience during a local football game.

As a proud alumnus of Lewiston High School, I've experienced the friendly rivalry that normally fills the air when we face off against Edward Little High School of Auburn.

However, Wednesday night was an occasion when the remarkable twin cities came together in unity and solidarity.

The November 1 football game was a testament to our strength as the iconic twin cities we are and with that, the presence of an iconic singer-songwriter was able to share his love through his art, according to CBS news. 

Six-time Grammy winner James Taylor, who is famous for songs like "Carolina on My Mind", "Sweet Baby James" and "You've Got a Friend," sang the national anthem at the football game and provided a truly inspiring and uplifting moment for everyone who was watching.

Watch this outstanding video captured by L/A native, Adam Robinson and shared onto Facebook. 

The players linked arms, standing side by side, as they stood for the singing of our patriotic anthem to kick off the game. This created a truly remarkable and heartwarming scene.

A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to the legendary James Taylor for gracing my Alma Mater during this integral moment of healing.

Along with the performance, a ceremony was held to give thanks to our law enforcement and first responders for taking care of us through this horrific crisis.

Trying to navigate a historic tragedy within our small state feels almost impossible, but having support from esteemed leaders, celebrities, and notable figures, particularly when they actually come to our aid, provides a reassuring and supportive feeling for our citizens.

Thousands Attend Powerful Lewiston Vigil

The vigil in Lewiston last night is etched into our memories, a moment of profound healing we should all take a moment to witness.

Gallery Credit: Lizzy Snyder

Funeral Plans for Victims of the Lewiston, Maine Shootings

The families of the victims of the Oct. 25 shootings in Lewiston, Maine are announcing the funeral plans for their loved ones. Note that the services are subject to change and may not be open to the public. Victims whose arrangements have not been made public are not included.

Gallery Credit: Dan Alexander