Even though it is the first week of August, some people are already thinking about Halloween.  Actually, we are pretty sure that some of our listeners were planning this year's costume on November 1st of last year!

If you are one of those people who really love Halloween, and everything about the holiday, we have some good news for you - work has started on the Augusta Spirit Halloween store.

Like last year, it will be located in the old K-Mart spot on Western Avenue in Augusta.

For those who are not familiar with the incredibly popular seasonal store, it is a retailer that carries nearly anything you could need for the ultimate Halloween celebration.

Clearly, their offerings differ from store to store, but most offer a wide variety of costumes for all ages and types of parties (from stuff for the newborns, to crazy scary costumes, to costumes designed to help you *ahem* make some new friends).  They also carry all the accessories you'd need for a DIY costume.

The stores also carry all kinds of decorations from the very basic to motion activated skeletons and mummies.

Steven Libralon- unsplash
Steven Libralon- unsplash

Recently, they have also started featuring walk-through displays.  Almost like mini haunted houses.  The addition of these really make a trip to the store extra fun.

While we are not entirely sure when the Augusta store will be open, the stores generally open toward the end of summer.  The website for the company says that the Augusta location will open sometime in August.  That way, you have plenty of time to get there to stock up for the holiday.

Can't wait?  You can always shop their online store.

In addition to the Augusta location, they are also planning to have locations in Bangor and Biddeford this year.

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