Which animals kill the most humans annually? I mean the chances are still slim but think of this as a fun facts article. Albeit maybe using the word "fun" isn't quite correct. However you're here so like me, reading and learning are part of your life and as they say, knowledge is power.

Spoiler alert: Sharks aren't on this list as they kill an average of 70 humans annually worldwide and bears didn't make the list either.

Mosquitos believe it or not are the most dangerous animal on the planet killing an average of 725 thousand humans each year according to Science Focus Magazine. Yes, mosquitos are the most dangerous because they spread diseases like malaria. Of course, 95% of those deaths are in Africa according to Science Focus.

A murderer man creeps in the dark with a knife

Are you ready for #2? It's us humans who are the second most deadly animal killing 400,000 each year on average. Just so you know this is just homicides that Science Focus is using in these stats.

According to the website Our World in Data, Latin American countries have more murders than any other part of the world.

Snakes are #3 followed by dogs at #4 and Assassin bugs at #5.

Rhynocoris annulatus, an Assassin bug, sitting on leaf

WTF is an Assassin Bug you ask? I mean I've never heard of them until now and according to Science Focus they're blood-sucking insects that are mostly in Central and South America and kill humans via Chagas disease which they can spread by directly biting a human or by infecting cold food or drink by landing on it.

Next are scorpions, alligators, elephants, hippos, and finally lions.

AnimalHumans killed per year
Assassin Bugs10,000

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