There's no doubt that this summer has been way different than any other that we can remember.  One of the big things that sticks out is the change in tourism.  During a normal summer, dozens of cruise ships visit our coastal cities and towns.  Unfortunately, the pandemic put a stop to those visits.

That could be why we've all taken note of the yachts that have been cruising up and down the Maine coastline over the last few months.  These aren't just larger cabin cruisers, either.  These are full-blown SUPER yachts.  Like something you'd see hip hop artists partying on in a music video.

Well, if you have the cash, you can live that "Below Decks" life, too.  All it takes is about a million bucks week!

According to Only In Your State, a company called Moran Yacht & Ship charters super yachts.

Kismet, one of the yachts in their fleet, has been spotted numerous times off the coast of Maine.

The yacht, owned by the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team, is 312' long, 45' wide, and cruises at 17 knots.  It has seven luxurious cabins and sleeps 12.  It has a crew of 28.  The ship features a 4-deck tall atrium with an elevator.  If the elevator is not your thing you can play "Titanic" and take the grand staircase.  It has three dining / lounge areas, and a pool that is illuminated  by colored lights.

Of course, the biggest attraction is that it moves.  Don't like the scenery?  Just cruise down the coast a little.  It's basically a floating boutique  resort.

Check out the video of the yacht:

You want to charter her for a week?  That'll run about $1.2 million.  Hey, living the good life (the REALLY good life) doesn't come cheap.  For more info click HERE


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