As a parent, sometimes it feels like elementary and middle school aged kids speak a completely different language.  It seems like every day they are using some new slang phrase.  Sometimes, I have to go online just to figure out what they mean.  I am sure that our parents felt the same way when we were young, right?

Recently, some kids have been carrying around REVERSE cards from the popular card game Uno.  So, what are they using them for?

According to several educators we have spoken to, the cards are used as a comeback when trash talking or dissing.

According to The Urban Dictionary, laying down a REVERSE card even beats the classic comeback "No U".

So, what do you tell your kids if you catch them with one of the cards or hear them talking about the Uno card?  Of course, they are your kids so, ultimately, it is up to you to decide what to tell them.

We have told our kids that using a REVERSE card is just as bad as using the insult that you are reversing.  We explained that it was not a kind thing to do and that they should not do it.  Instead, they should just ignore the insult and go on with their day because, if the insulter gets no reaction, there is a good chance they'll stop.

When you were a kid, what slang did you use that used to confused the hell out of your parents?  Let us know by sending us a message through our app or by messaging us on Facebook.

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