Lottery fever has hit the United States and people are spending big bucks to try and win the Mega Millions or Mega Bucks. Or both!

We all no the chances of winning are astronomically high, but that doesn't stop Mainers from shelling out a few of their hard earned bucks to get the big money.

With no one winning Mega Millions since July, the jackpot is an insane $1.6 Billion. And that number is going to go up before tomorrow nights drawing. That means Mainers will be spending more money today and tomorrow.

Mainers have already spent 1.9 million dollars chasing the riches according to an article in the Press Herald. And there were a few smaller winners in Maine as a result of the last couple drawings. One Mainer bought a ticket at the Cumberland Farms in Scarborough and won $20,000 the Press Herald reports, in all, a total of $180,588 was awarded in prizes to 34,211 other ticket holders.

This current jackpot is now tied with the record setting lottery jackpot of Jan. 13, 2016 when Mainers shelled out $4.6 million.

The chance of matching all six numbers is one in 302.5 million. Good luck!!

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